Will Invisalign Change My Face?

In addition to just giving straight teeth, Invisalign also has the ability to reshape the shape, appearance, and profile of the face. A crooked tooth can influence the shape of the face, while an overbite can cause the upper lip to protrude. Invisalign can also change the position of the lips in some cases. But with Invisalign, there isn't as much of a “buffer” between teeth and lips, so you won't see much change in the size or profile of your lips throughout the process.

However, Invisalign still has the ability to align your upper teeth, which can secondarily affect the appearance and lateral profile of your lips. A trained Invisalign professional, such as Dr. Clay Sims, will be able to conduct a proper evaluation and provide a treatment plan for any questions you may have about Invisalign. Specifically, an orthodontist who is highly trained not only to correct teeth and bites, but also to monitor and improve a person's full facial appearance, can be an excellent choice if you have specific questions about the physical shape of the face.

During your treatment with Invisalign, you will use a set of plastic aligners over your upper or lower teeth. These aligners will gradually move your teeth to better positions inside your mouth. If your dental problems are quite minor, this orthodontic technique will likely improve the appearance of your smile without changing the overall shape of your face. Invisalign or braces can't change facial structure, such as the jawline.

If you want to reshape your jaw, surgery will be necessary and you will be referred to a surgeon to achieve the desired change. Dentists take the help of x-rays to understand and describe how using Invisalign will positively change the shape of your face. Regardless of the problem affecting your facial features, Invisalign is designed to correct most of these problems. An underbite is a type of malocclusion in which the face changes after wearing braces or Invisalign is likely to be significant.

Invisalign involves transparent aligning trays that are worn over the teeth and gradually move them to their proper positions. Dr. Clay Sims is a board certified Premier Invisalign Provider, which means they have achieved a significant level of experience treating patients with Invisalign. Any type of treatment, including Invisalign and braces, has the potential to create permanent changes in dental and facial anatomy.

Find out if you're a good candidate for braces or Invisalign and learn how this treatment will affect your face shape, overall appearance and confidence. Undoubtedly, Invisalign is a fantastic alternative that ensures dental symmetry and achieves that immaculate “Hollywood smile”. The good news is that Invisalign and braces can fix an asymmetrical face by aligning the jaws and balancing facial features. Invisalign is very likely to improve your appearance, as it can correct minor misalignments in the jaw and teeth.

If you had an underbite, overbite, or crossbite that was corrected with Invisalign, your lower face may also look a little different. Because your teen won't need to change their appearance to improve their teeth, they'll be more likely to feel safe and happy using this orthodontic technique. After completing the Invisalign treatment, you will be able to see slight changes in the overall shape of your face and monumental changes in the shape of your teeth. Before you start adjusting your teeth with Invisalign, you may be wondering how it will affect your appearance in the future.