Are invisalign cleaning crystals toxic?

Invisalign cleansing glasses are made of non-toxic, totally safe materials specifically formulated for use with Invisalign products. The cleaning glasses for Invisalign aligners and retainers are completely safe, made of non-toxic ingredients that dissolve plaque and germs. Here are the benefits of using Invisalign cleaning glasses in more detail. For fresh, clean and sparkling smiles, you can soak your retainers and aligners in a glass of dissolved water with Invisalign cleaning glasses.

These glasses are made of non-toxic materials to ensure that they are completely safe to use. Invisalign glass packs are used to dissolve plaque and kill bacteria that may be growing on Invisalign trays. Invisalign glass packs are formulated to disinfect your trays during daily use. Bacteria can get trapped in cracks and cause pests and other problems if not cleaned thoroughly every day.

They are completely safe and made specifically for cleaning and disinfecting your aligners. They are made of safe compounds and have been clinically proven to prevent fading, staining and odor buildup. While Invisalign cleaning glasses are a cleaning program specially designed to make clear aligners retainers, they are not the only cleaning solution. One of the key functions of Invisalign cleaning glasses is to remove plaque from aligners and retainers.

Invisalign cleaning glasses are a cleaning system designed specifically for Invisalign clear aligners and retainers. Invisalign cleansing glasses are made of non-toxic materials that are completely safe for humans, even when accidentally ingested. To keep the aligners clean during your Invisalign treatment, soak the aligners in the Invisalign cleaning glass solution in a closed container or glass once a day. Invisalign cleaning glasses remove all harmful bacteria and germs from aligners, making them safe for you to use.

Tisseront Orthodontics in Reston, VA specializes in cosmetic orthodontics (lingual braces, Invisalign, and clear braces) for children and adults. When you don't clean Invisalign trays every day, they will stain and turn yellow over time. When you use Invisalign trays, they prevent saliva from coming into contact with your teeth and gums. Some people like to use alternative solutions for cleaning, but denture solutions, for example, can cause aligners to turn yellow; therefore, they are not the best option.

But make sure you can effectively remove plaque and bacteria, as effective cleaning of aligners is mandatory to prevent stains and maintain good oral health with Invisalign. Tisseront and his team know how to guide you in the effective use of cleaning materials for any orthodontic device. Both SmartTrack Invisalign clear aligners and Vivera Invisalign retainers can be cleaned with the formula.