Can invisalign fix tmj?

While Invisalign can certainly improve the appearance of your smile, it has the power to do so much more. By aligning teeth, Invisalign reduces stress on the TMJ, which in turn decreases inflammation and pain caused by TMJ disorder. A misaligned bite is often a major contributing factor to TMD. When teeth are not properly aligned, the TMJ experiences additional stress and can become painfully inflamed.

Invisalign is able to correct most mild to moderate bite problems, including overbite, underbite and crossbite. As teeth gradually move to their correct positions, you can decrease the amount of stress on the TMJ and significantly reduce TMJ symptoms. However, one of the most common causes of TMJ disorder is jaw misalignment. The most logical and effective solution to correct this problem are the keys.

Through Invisalign, the lower jaw and upper jaw are correctly repositioned to align your smile, making it not only look better, but also eliminating pain and discomfort. If you wake up regularly with jaw pain or tension headaches, you are most likely grinding or clenching your teeth at night, which is also known as TMJ disorder. Side effects of bruxism during sleep can include eroded enamel, cracked teeth, and recession of the gums. In addition, the temporomandibular joint simply hurts and the facial muscles become sore.

Jaw misalignment is a common cause of TMJ disorder. Invisalign and traditional metal braces can be used to properly reposition the lower jaw relative to the upper jaw, eliminating TMJ problems and providing a beautiful, aligned smile. Once your TMD is under control, you may be eligible for Invisalign if you are interested in straightening your teeth. Because Invisalign orthodontic treatment doesn't move your teeth backwards, it's unlikely to cause TMJ problems.

Whether Invisalign helps you find relief for jaw pain depends on the cause of the problem in the first place. Invisalign offers four designations for its providers, Preferred, Premier Elite and Diamond Plus, based on the number of patients who have treated with Invisalign. Four Town Dental in Enfield is proud to offer Invisalign and other orthodontic treatments. They offer a wide range of services, including Invisalign, regular bruxism cloakroom and more.

But is it also possible to fix TMJ with Invisalign in Hamden? In this blog post, we'll discuss what TMJ is and how Invisalign can help relieve disorders that affect it. And you'll have great success with Invisalign if you use it as directed, change the aligners according to your Red Bank dentist's treatment plan, and remove the aligners just for eating and cleaning. Before Invisalign completely corrects your bite, you may need to talk to your dentist about other methods you can use to treat your TMD symptoms. While appointing an Invisalign provider is important, it's just one aspect of orthodontist practice that you should consider when choosing where to go.

After careful evaluation, your dentist can determine that Invisalign has the potential to relieve pain and improve your oral health. The big difference between Invisalign and traditional braces is that Invisalign is generally a cosmetic treatment. This problem can be incredibly painful and won't correct on its own, but invisalign braces may be your solution. Orthodontic patients using Invisalign already feel like they have won the lottery because they are considered good candidates for this innovative orthodontic alternative.

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