Why do invisalign crystals smell like bleach?

If your aligners smell like bleach, it's likely because they were sprayed with a disinfectant at the end of their production cycle. Fortunately, you can easily eliminate this bleach odor with simple cleaning strategies. The reason Invisalign cleaning glasses smell like bleach is because they are made from sodium-based ingredients. Tisseront Orthodontics in Reston, VA specializes in cosmetic orthodontics (lingual braces, Invisalign, and clear braces) for children and adults.

While Invisalign cleaning glasses are a cleaning program specially designed to make clear aligners retainers, they are not the only cleaning solution. Invisalign cleaning glasses can disinfect and keep aligners free of growing bacteria and germs. You can use Invisalign's Cleaning Crystals solution to soak your aligners up to twice a day, but once a day it's a great regular solution for keeping your aligners clean. While Invisalign cleaning glasses have been proven to be the best choice for cleaning their aligner or retainer trays, there are other alternatives that some people use.

You can get Invisalign cleaning glasses by ordering online or shopping at your local dental supply store. Invisalign cleaning glasses can be found online, in your local orthodontist's office, or at a dental supply store. But make sure you can effectively remove plaque and bacteria, as effective cleaning of aligners is mandatory to prevent stains and maintain good oral health with Invisalign. Both SmartTrack Invisalign clear aligners and Vivera Invisalign retainers can be cleaned with the formula.

The Invisalign orthodontist will examine your mouth and tell you whether or not you are eligible for treatment with Invisalign. One of the key functions of Invisalign cleaning glasses is to remove plaque from aligners and retainers. In addition, the crystals help dissolve plaque that might be growing inside Invisalign trays. Therefore, they need proper care to live with Invisalign until you reach the desired level of straighter teeth.

Just like brushing and flossing your teeth, you should clean your Invisalign aligners with cleaning glasses every day. Invisalign cleaning glasses can clean aligners thoroughly without any damage and help maintain oral hygiene.